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Our Patient Plans

Why Join a Monthly Plan?


    • Spread the cost of your Dental Care over the year through a simple monthly payment


    • It promotes regular attendance and we know this leads to a large reduction in decay, gum problems, toothache and other dental issues.


    • Our plans are flexible and allow you to choose what works best for you and even change this


    • Save money by paying less than pay as you go


    • All plans include 10% discount on almost all of our private fees  – only cosmetic items (e.g. Invisalign and Tooth Whitening) and implants are excluded.


  • No joining/admin fees

  • Plans can include Emergency care and treatment to avoid costly unplanned expenses when you least need them


How Much Will it Cost?

Lots of practices require you to have a plan that includes a certain number of examinations and hygienist visits per year.
We have 4 plans for you to choose from that best meet your needs. 


Of course we will help you to choose based on your individual needs!



What it Includes (per calendar year)

Price per month

Essentials 1

1 Professional Hygienist Appt
& 1 Dental exam (inc necessary xrays)


Essentials 2

1 Professional Hygienist Appt
& 2 Dental exams (inc necessary xrays)


Essentials 3

2 Professional Hygienist Appts
& 1 Dental exam (inc necessary xrays)


Essentials 4

2 Professional Hygienist Appts
& 2 Dental exams (inc necessary xrays)



Our Bolt Ons


This is a great way to spread the cost of other routine dental care and emergency appointments to avoid larger bills – often when you least need them. These can be added to any of the above


The price of them is personalised to you based on your risk factors to ensure fairness. Factors taken into consideration include number of existing fillings, recent history of decay, gum health etc.


  1. Emergency Bolt-on – cover emergency visits & care


  2. Care Package Bolt-on – cover emergency visits, all necessary fillings and extractions


If you are interested or have any questions at all, just drop us an email at or just ask a member of staff when you’re next in!