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Hygienist Services

Not happy with staining on your teeth? Notice some tartar buildup on your teeth or have bleeding gums?

Keeping your gums healthy is a very important aspect of your oral health to prevent the harmful effects of gum disease including gum recession, loose teeth, and even loss of teeth. The hygienist plays a vital role in this by removing potentially harmful tartar and providing lots of tips and help for you to better take care of them.

A professional clean can also help remove stains left from tea, coffee, wine, smoking etc making them feel and look cleaner.

You are now able to book directly with the hygienist without seeing the dentist.

Call now to book an appointment with our friendly hygienist and get your teeth sparkling clean.

We now also offer Airflow Cleaning as an add an to your hygienist appointment for painless stain removal. Click here for more information